Distributing views evenly in Interface Builder

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Having horizontal buttons that fill the whole width of a screen is a common thing in any layout.

I found many examples where people created categories for UIView, which is the way to go if you are not using interface builder and/or have a dynamic number of views.

In that case, I would recommend using a wrapper for auto layout rather than writing your own. My plugin of choice is FLKAutoLayout.
Spacing out views with FLKAutoLayout becomes as simple as

// space out views horizontally with 20 points in between
[UIView spaceOutViewsHorizontally:views predicate:@"20"]; // views is an array of views, obviously

Wow, that was easy, wasn’t it?

But wait: we only have static views! Do we even need a single line of code? Nope!

In the following video, I will explain my approach to distributing views evenly. Although I am using only two static views/buttons in this example, it will work with any number of views.

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Thanks for watching!
As always, if you have any comments, ideas or other approches, feel free to comment below!